101 Word Search Puzzles

As a fun little project, we’ve produced a word search app. If you have a Symbian^3 phone (Nokia N8, C7 Astound, etc.) you can grab it here: http://store.ovi.com/content/132289

101 Word Search Puzzles is a word search for intermediate-level players. As the name suggests, there’s a hundred and one puzzles. We had a lot of fun coming up with that many categories. So here’s the complete list:

Motorcycles, Brands of Irish Whiskey, Art Deco Artists, Our Favorite Rubber Monsters, NHL: Eastern Conference, NHL: Western Conference, Songs of Miles Davis, Manga, Shades of Blue, Shades of Red, Shades of Green, Shades of Grey, Shades of Purple, European Fashion Houses, Great Horror Authors, Science Fiction Greats, Barclays Premier League, Cheeses, Wine Regions of Italy, Ballroom Dance Styles, Characters from the Agatha Christie Novel, Musical Terms, Pizza Toppings, Nuts, Punk Bands, Musicians Who Died In Air Disasters, Junk Drawer Items, Lame Excuses, Palindromes, Insects, Cakes, NFL: American Football Conference, NFL: National Football Conference, Greek Restaurant Food, Cuts of Beef, Vegas Casinos, Pastry Tools, Pasta, Martinis, Paint, Poker Terms, Mushrooms, British Potato Varieties, Chocolate Centers, Onomatopoeia, Music Artists With One Name, Condiments, Herbs, Astrology, Birthstones, Birds of Prey, Breeds of Chicken, Ducks, NBA: Eastern Conference, NBA: Western Conference, High School Science Lab Equipment, American and Russian Spacecraft, IM Acronyms, Atari 2600 Games, Skate Tricks, Flu Symptoms, Synonyms For Anger, Stones That Heal, Types of Paper, Scissors and Shears, 90’s Trends, Engine Parts, Classic Cars from the 50’s and 60’s, North American Flowers, Coniferous Trees, Chores and Drudgery, Tennis Greats, Seam Finishes, Sewing Tools, Fabric Fibers, Our Favorite Protozoa, Sugary 80’s Breakfast Cereals, Great Movies, Leading Ladies, Jewelry, Watches, Figure Skating Moves, Cloying Terms of Endearment, Circus Acts, Indian Seasonings, Coats, Organs of the Body, Point Of Purchase Magazines, Stringed Instruments, Woodwind Instruments, Percussion Instruments, Brass Instruments, Things Babies Put In Their Mouths, Heroes of Homer’s Iliad, Gods of the Norse, Totems of the Tlingit People, Cajun and Creole Food, Gangsters And Their Nicknames, iPhone Terms, Poetic Devices, WWII Aircraft

Assert Yourself Out Now & Mentioned in Village Gamer!

Sometime late last night, POC Interactive’s first app, Assert Yourself, passed QA and is became available for purchase in the Ovi Store at http://store.ovi.com/content/112986. Assert Yourself! is a rich-featured interactive assertiveness training and self-confidence course. Assert Yourself! covers communications skills, presentations, SMART goal setting, interview skills, workplace bullying, and more. Assert Yourself! boasts a strategy of “21 days to a new you”. Each day for 21 days you will unlock a unique exercise, from videos to quizzes to using the phone’s microphone to improve your speaking, and a customized “Mirror Checklist” of daily assertiveness goals.

Assert Yourself is available now.

What’s more, we have our first press mention, thanks to Village Gamer! Village Gamer reports news from the Canadian interactive digital media industry, and we’re honored they picked up on us. Check out the article here.

(Belated) Welcome, Tammi!

After months of wooing, Tammi Maguire Barker has come on board in an official capacity as POC Interactive’s Development Director. Tammi brings her creativity and enthusiasm and her business and marketing savvy to the company, and is a big win for PoCI. Tammi will be helping to drive the vision for our m-learning courses and other projects.
Welcome aboard!

Helping People Find Work

We’re based in Mission, BC. Mission’s mostly a blue collar town, and it has been hit pretty hard by the recession. There are lots of folks here out of work. Often the only choice here for families is to have dad leave the province to find work to support his wife and kids.

There are also lots of folks here with smartphones.

Assert Yourself teaches communication, self-worth, and presentation and body language. Job hunting, speaking with managers, and of course the dreaded job interview, bring all of these skills together. A candidate needs to project confidence, keep their composure, and stay assertive. As we developed our course material we came to realize how relevant it was to finding work, and so a late change we made to the app was to add a module on job interview skills.

Think about it. If we could get our app into the hands of people looking for work, we could really make a difference! Imagine if everyone on Employment Insurance with an iPhone, mid-range Nokia phone, Android, Blackberry, could grab our app for free. In the next couple of weeks, we are going to be setting up appointments with various government officials and seeing what we can do to get our course material into the hands of people looking for work.

There are enough “time waster” apps out there. If POC Interactive could be responsible for finding people work, now wouldn’t that be something?

Assert Yourself!

A short while ago, my wife, my mom, and I started talking about the way people learn. My mom is a veteran generalist instructor and has taught adult literacy, aboriginal studies, and abuse prevention. That conversation lead into research into TEL, technology-enhanced learning. And that’s where we got the idea to team up and create a series of courses for personal and professional development on mobile devices.

With smartphones, we saw a real opportunity to change the way that people learn. People who don’t have time to sit in a formal classroom can work through lessons on the train ride to work, in a doctor’s office, whenever they have fifteen minutes to spare and their phone. A mobile device provides a level of interactivity that is simply not possible reading a book or listening to a podcast.

The first course we’ve created is Assert Yourself! – Assertiveness Skills and Self-Confidence, a full-featured assertiveness training course. Assert Yourself! is a fully-featured course which includes lessons on communications skills, presentations, SMART goal setting, and workplace bullying. Assert Yourself! boasts a strategy of “28 days to a new you”. The course includes daily exercises tailored to the ten course modules, as well as a daily “Mirror Checklist” for daily assertiveness and self-confidence goals. For front-camera enabled smartphones, Assert Yourself! also provides an “on-the-go bathroom mirror” for quick facial and body language practice or to prepare before an important presentation. The exercises range from demonstrative videos to interactive quizzes to using the device’s microphone to practice speaking clearly and professionally.

I’m very excited about this direction. These courses are usually hundreds of dollars. If you can pay $4.99 on the Ovi store and be able to do them on the ride to work, that’s pretty good value. These professional development courses can also serve as preparation for people planning on taking, say, a thousand dollar six-sigma certification course. TEL is the way learning is going, and we’re one of the first to put it on smartphones.

Assert Yourself! is nearly done. We’ll be submitting to Nokia’s Ovi store at the end of the month, and it should be available early-to-mid April for purchase on all Nokia Symbian^3 and Series 60 smartphones, including the popular Nokia N8, C6, E71, and 5800 devices.

and we’re back…

Okay, the reboot is done.

For those of you who were following the site, Ember and AntWords have been shelved to allow me to focus fully on our technology-enhanced learning work.

For those who weren’t… Hi! Welcome! My name is Marcel Barker and I have been a software engineer in the video games industry for the past fifteen years. I founded PoC Interactive a bit over a year ago because I was excited about what was happening with mobile and I wanted to be a part of it. I do programming service work on contract, and I’ve been working on my own IP.