Marcel Barker

33111 Myrtle Ave., Mission, BC, V2V 4R6



Professional Profile


I am a senior software engineer with fifteen years games industry experience, primarily using C, C++, and C#. I have developed for the PS1, Sega Saturn, GameCube, PS2, Xbox, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, PSP, PC, OSX, iPhone, and Symbian platforms. I have worked on every aspect of a game, including tools and pipelines, gameplay, networking, FE, presentation, AI, scripting, and audio.


Professional Experience


Big Sandwich Games, Vancouver, BC

2009 – Present


  • Built animation system, allowed designers to be able to define animation blending and behavior though the game’s scripting system.
  • Build audio system for Wii and PS3.
  • In charge of the PSP and OSX ports of Hoard.
  • Ported Big Sandwich’s proprietary game engine to PSP for Hoard PSP.
  • Wrote networking code to interface with Sony’s NP servers for Hoard PS3.


Proof of Concept Interactive, Mission, BC

2009 – 2011


  • Founded company specializing in handheld and mobile application development.
  • Acquired contract with Activision for Wipeout: the Game for the Nindendo DS. Hired staff and shipped the title in four months, with no pre-existing technology and on an extremely small budget.
  • Also designed, coded, and shipped iLanguage, an iPhone game for learning Japanese, and Assert Yourself!, a Symbian^3 technology-enhanced learning course for assertiveness training.


Electronic Arts Canada, Burnaby, BC

2006 – 2009


  • Lead Pogo Island DS, EA’s first internally developed Nintendo DS title, starting from no pre-existing DS technology.
  • Became the Central Technology Nintendo DS technical lead.
  • Took on leadership role for Playground DS when the team’s lead engineer suddenly left the company.
  • Lead Playground 2 DS.
  • Lead audio team for Grand Slam Tennis.
  • Automated Tennis’ audio workflow so it could be handed to a junior engineer, took over presentation (cameras, NIS, et cetera) when that area was in crisis.


Backbone Entertainment, Vancouver, BC

2004 – 2006


  • Architected AI, gameplay, and Front End systems for Nicktoons Basketball.
  • Lead the engineering team for Age of Kings DS. Wrote all of the data pipelines, level editor, audio system, game framework, and more for the title.
  • Handled art pipelines and MEL scripting for Sonic Rivals for PSP


SecondSun Entertainment, Burnaby, BC

2002 – 2004


  • Hired on contract to write PC/PS2 low-level audio library and movie player, eventually joined the company as a full-time employee.
  • Implemented asynchronous level loading, re-engineered the HUD and Front End, scripted missions, wrote art pipeline tools, and maintained a variety of other features for Hateful Chris: Shoot the Moon.
  • When the company went under, stayed on and worked with the Marketing Director and Creative Director for several months to develop new IP and try to secure new development contracts.


Electronic Arts Canada, Burnaby, BC

2001 – 2002


  • In charge of audio programming for FIFA 2002 World Cup and FIFA 2003.
  • Worked closely with the sound designer to raise the overall quality of the audio of FIFA, and the visibility of the audio team. Reviews of the audio for both FIFA 2002 World Cup and FIFA 2003 were extremely positive.


Barking Dog Sudios, Vancouver, BC

2000 – 2001


  • Designed and scripted levels for Homeworld: Cataclysm, as well as doing additional programming where needed.
  • Architected parts of the game engine for a pitch for an MMORPG prototype, including the networking, file I/O, mission system, and the “Myopia Manager”.


Radical Entertainment, Vancouver, BC

1996 – 1999


  • Worked in Physical Plant, Radical’s tools and libraries department for two years, primarily in charge of the in-house level and model editing software.
  • Moved on to Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster, in charge of the HUD, obstacle physics, and various other parts of the game.


Game Credits



Big Sandwich Games

Symbian Assert Yourself! Assertiveness Skills and Self-Confidence

Proof of Concept Interactive

iPhone iLanguage

Dropship Studios

DS Wipeout: the Game


PS3/360 EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis

Electronic Arts

Wii EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis

Electronic Arts

DS EA Playground

Electronic Arts

DS Pogo Island DS

Electronic Arts

PSP Sonic Rivals


DS Age of Empires: Age of Kings


PC Nicktoons Basketball




Cyberchase: Castleblanca Quest

The Learning Company

PC/PS2/Xbox/NGC FIFA 2003

Electronic Arts

PC/PS2/Xbox/NGC FIFA 2002 World Cup

Electronic Arts

PC Homeworld: Cataclysm


PS1 Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster


PS1 BloodLines


PC ESPN X-Games Pro Boarder





British Columbia Institute of Technology

Associate Certificate: Venture Program


British Columbia Institute of Technology

Associate Certificate: Introductory Programming