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Helping People Find Work

We’re based in Mission, BC. Mission’s mostly a blue collar town, and it has been hit pretty hard by the recession. There are lots of folks here out of work. Often the only choice here for families is to have dad leave the province to find work to support his wife and kids.

There are also lots of folks here with smartphones.

Assert Yourself teaches communication, self-worth, and presentation and body language. Job hunting, speaking with managers, and of course the dreaded job interview, bring all of these skills together. A candidate needs to project confidence, keep their composure, and stay assertive. As we developed our course material we came to realize how relevant it was to finding work, and so a late change we made to the app was to add a module on job interview skills.

Think about it. If we could get our app into the hands of people looking for work, we could really make a difference! Imagine if everyone on Employment Insurance with an iPhone, mid-range Nokia phone, Android, Blackberry, could grab our app for free. In the next couple of weeks, we are going to be setting up appointments with various government officials and seeing what we can do to get our course material into the hands of people looking for work.

There are enough “time waster” apps out there. If POC Interactive could be responsible for finding people work, now wouldn’t that be something?